To start blogging again? Nah, that’s not my 2011 resolution. At least not directly.

Alaska has been an amazing state for me. I am blessed with incredibly loyal, talented and smart friends who inspire me, a job I love and plenty of opportunity for fun. But, I don’t take advantage of all of that fun. I’ve found myself for the past couple of years making excuses about getting out and doing something more exciting because the weather wasn’t just perfect or because I’d done it before or had been too busy. The truth is, I grew complacent.

For 2011, I will live my life with intention: My life in Alaska isn’t Sarah Palin’s or TLC’s. This is MY Alaska, and it is my theme for the year.

I’m proud to say, I’ve started the New Year off on the right foot. I flew into Fairbanks hours before the midnight clock struck, and spent the holiday with the people in Alaska who are closest to being my extended family, the Chalstrom’s and Schutte’s. For hours, kids and adults lit the sky with sparklers and an impressive display of fireworks.

For week two, I drove to Seward today, just because. It was foggy in Anchorage but I was optimistic, checked the forecast and got on the road. Just past the Seward Highway turn-off to Portage, the sky cleared and it was the perfect, sunny bluebird day all the way to town and back.

Next weekend, I’m off to Valdez with girlfriends. Certainly there will be lots of new photos to post then but I don’t have plans beyond that so I’m looking for your advice. Whether it is getting out on snowmachine or dining at the Crow’s Nest, what does YOUR Alaska look like? Post your photos and advice here, and I’ll promise to keep you updated through this journey.

Happy 2011 Friends!

More photos from my day trip to Seward: