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I knew when I signed up for this WordPress blog that I was making a commitment. No one likes sporadic blog posts; readers expect them with some sense of frequency. And, I admit…I’ve not yet lived up to that commitment. Forgive me, please. I will do better. I promise.

While I take the commitment to my family and friends seriously, I also understand that they want to read content that is fresh and interesting, so I’ll make that promise too. I’ll try to write about things that are relevant and new as I chronicle my experiences during the next couple of months.

In many ways the countdown is on. It appears my last day with the Anchorage Chamber will be the very last day in the range I gave to the board, Monday, March 2. We are hopeful that our next president will be onboard mid-February to allow for training opportunities. I am very excited about this possibility. When I think back to when I started, like most people in the first few months of a new job, early days are spent tackling big issues and figuring out what’s around each corner. The last thing anyone wants to do, especially in what some consider a high-profile position, is be surprised by things that should have been known. If I do my job well, the next president will have a leg up. That advantage will serve the organization well as s/he continues to build on the strong foundation that began in 1915.

As for the next few weeks, in my personal time I am honing my resume (check out a cool new tool I found but is still a work in progress, my Visual CV,). It is intimidating to be looking for work in light of such a volatile national economy, however, I feel my skills are strong and the experience I’ve gained will serve me well in the coming weeks and months. I’m also planning a trip to Europe, it became “real” when I booked my airline ticket. I depart Anchorage March 4 and return May 7.

On the home front, I’m trying to spend as much time as possible with friends and family. In our own way, each of us is experiencing a very personal transition and such change binds us more richly than I ever initially imagined.

In closing, another blogging rule is, make this site interactive so I’ll pose some questions for you: Are there other blogging rules that I’m missing and should be following? What have you learned from the first few days/weeks/months in a job that you wished you would have known when you started? Do you have any job-hunting tips for me or anyone who reads this blog and its comments? My trip to Europe is far from planned. Do you have any recommendations for “do-not miss” places? And finally, what have you experienced that has enriched your own relationships? Heavy stuff, I know.

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